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Our Services

One Stop Shop

As well as offering full Quantity Surveying services, we provide a range of 'One Stop Shop' services. We offer the option to cost, manage and run your project on your behalf, or to supplement your day to day activities and work with you.

We believe it is very important that you receive a service which has been individually tailored to needs and expectations


Estimating Services:

  • Creation of ‘Broad Brush’ build costs estimates derived from outline project concept information
  • Production of detailed costs estimates utilising detailed information such as planning consents, architectural concept drawings and if available specifications
  • Analysis of existing third-party costs estimates for robustness
  • Production of value engineering possibilities from estimates
  • Material, Labour and Plant scheduling from exiting Bills of Quantities
  • Production of in-depth Bills of Quantities for proposed build
  • Tendering for projects using an array of services and information ascertained though direct interface with the Clients team of contacts

Why you should use our services:

  • Your risk is reduced. We use an extensive build knowledge portal which means that no assumptions are made - saving time and costly mistakes
  • We have built a greater depth of relationship with our Supply Chain than is normally achievable. This allows us to achieve the best pricing possible for your project
  • Using our network we will achieve more accurate cost information
  • Our process delivers useable Bills of Quantities

Project Cost Management

Project Cost Management Services:

  • Management of the overall build commercially
  • Selection of appropriate form of contract for the project
  • Composition of building contracts structured to the uniqueness of each build project
  • Production of cash flows
  • Monthly reporting; including production of detailed reports for funders
  • Reduced client interaction with contractor and design team by full time project cost management
  • Production and control of Risk Registers
  • Production & issuing of payment notices for contractors or sub-contractors
  • Regular primary interface and control of the client’s consultants to mitigate overlap and conflict
  • Regular assessments to project costs and projected final costs
  • Negotiations with clients supply chain on settlement of final accounts

Why you should use our services:

  • We reduced the need for you to deal directly with contractors
  • You get increased and better cost control
  • You achieve a smoother interaction with your funders
  • We make sure your costs are kept under control
  • You get the peace of mind that the project is being commercially managed by skilled professionals on your behalf.

Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying Services:

  • Production of Measures from Drawings
  • Checking of pre-existing Bills of Quantities
  • Scheduling of materials
  • Placing of Sub-Contract or Principle Contract Works orders
  • Guidance suitable forms of Contract and Sub-contract
  • Assessment and valuing of principle and or sub-contractor accounts
  • Issuing of payment notices
  • Guidance and support on disputes

Why you should use our services:

  • Our experience and intuitive approach ensures a smoother progress of the build
  • We have a broader access to the commercial knowledge base
  • You are able to take advantage of our greater knowledge of the mechanics and processes of the industry
  • The risk of conflict between Client & Contractors is reduced by us by acting as intermediary
  • You achieve better control of costs
  • You take advantage of our administrative approach by utilising of appropriate building contracts


Procurement Services:

  • Production of material scheduling
  • Broader access to supply chain to obtain most competitive prices
  • Access to detailed knowledge base
  • Smooth supply chain
  • Ability to schedule and coordinate deliveries and orders by interrogation of programme and cash flows
  • Mitigation of stress upon the client to source and procure materials to meet programme demands

Why you should use our services:

  • The speed of delivery for the project will be optimised
  • We work directly with your supply chain to achieve the project demands
  • We reduce your stress
  • You get better control of your costs
  • Your project will benefit from a smoother day to day running
  • We become a single point of contact for site team

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution Services:

  • Interrogation of matters forming disagreement
  • Assessment on matters and if a dispute has crystallised
  • Guidance of possible resolution within the confines of the contract
  • Forensic approach on conflict
  • Guidance on best form of resolution
  • Detail assessments of issues resulting in the dispute

Why you should use our services:

  • We have a wide experience and knowledge on all forms of resolution
  • We provide a structured approach to dispute resolution
  • We are able to provide you with impartial guidance and support
  • You benefit from direct access to greater knowledge base

Simply put... DDS is born from my experience coupled with my desire and passion to provide intelligent construction solutions to my clients

Dan Stiles – Managing Director
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  • We have used DDS Consulting on a number of our development projects and have always found them to be extremely professional in everything they do. They have always gone out their way to make the process as easy as possible for us and to ensure the project runs smoothly. We find the team at DDS to be accessible when needed and helpful and proactive with their advice. Their processes and systems have worked well for us and we are pleased to say that the last few projects they have managed for us have been delivered comfortably within budget.

    Richie Clapson 
  • We are a fast expanding construction company and have found DDs consulting to be great asset to our business. Excellent professional service from Dan and the team allowing us to tender for complex high end projects that would otherwise have been impossible for us to handle.

    Steve Colleran Hambrook Construction Ltd
  • The team at DDS (UK) Consulting – because of their broad range of experience and knowledge, gained through operations both in the UK and internationally, allows them to think outside the box. Property Chief Developments have used the firm in a QS capacity. The team are friendly and easy to get on with. They make the time to listen to your ideas and vision before adding value through their own suggestions. Professional, detailed quotes are turned around quickly. With DDS, you can expect a high level of service provision, delivered on time.

    Richard Elliott-Martin CEO, Property Chief Developments

Other Services

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Syndicate Project Management Ltd is a family run, privately owned company, providing project manager services to private developers and companies within the construction industry.

Their expertise includes residential, healthcare, retail, multi-floor commercial new build, commercial fit-outs, educational projects for the private and public sector.

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